Jade Stoner
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Gift of life  

Due to the incredibly brave and generous decision by her parents Jade has saved 4 peoples lives.

A 10 month old baby girl who had Cardiomyopathy and had been ill for the entirety of her short life received Jades heart.

A 17 month old baby boy who had Alpha 1 Anti-Trypsin Deficiency which results in total liver failure received Jades liver.

A 29 year old man received a kidney and a 42 year old received a kidney and pancreas.

Because Jade had a rare blood group these people had little hope of receiving a transplant.

God bless you Jade and your parents for being so brave x

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Nellie Mae  
Nellie Mae is now ten years old and is here today because she has Jades strong heart. We were lucky enough in 2016 to meet her and her family is was very emotional for everyone but so worth it. We also got to hear Jades heart beating strongly in Nellie Mae.

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